Thursday, July 1, 2010

{4 things}

i am so excited! the show for the photography challenge over at thymely thoughts is posted today!! my photo is the first one! i love these photo challenges! they are so fun to take part in & to see everyone's photos, they are all so pretty!! & the coolest thing about this one is that i was chosen as the winner!!! YAY!!!! i can't believe it!!! i won a pretty yellow floral italian square scarf!!! oh my goodness!!! i love scarfs & this one is so beautiful!!! i am so excited!!!! i just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to michelle elisabeth, for always offering these fun photography challenges & for giving such pretty gifts!! you are amazing! :) if you don't follow thymely thoughts, be sure to visit her blog! she is so very talented!

i wanted to share these photos of this beautiful mason jar shelf that i spotted on hide the good scissors 
i love this idea so much! isn't it so pretty?? i want one!! :)

so... now on to a few of my photos from today!! :)

i hope you all are having a happy & sunny summer day! :)
& don't forget to enter my summer giveaway!! {click here}
i will announce the winner on tuesday, july 6th!!


  1. yayy congratulations! and what a beautiful photo :)

  2. congratulations! heading to her blog now and love your pics for today!

  3. you're so very very welcome, it is a lovely picture and I hope you'll love the scarf when you see it in person, I do :)

  4. Hi Sarah, thanks for the mention! I love your photos, as usual, and congrats on winning that lovely scarf!

  5. thanks everyone!

    & michelle- i know i will love the scarf!!! i can't wait! :)

    & jordan- you are welcome! that mason jar self is seriously amazing!!!! :)