Monday, March 22, 2010

happy spring!

it is officially spring!!! :) & i am definitely feeling like i have more energy than normal, i love it! however... while today is sunny & 70 degrees... tomorrow & wednesday are calling for rain and possibly snow.... i expect this weather in my beautiful state of colorado... but i am still so excited for full on spring time! :) i am starting to see so many bright, flowery, & colorful photos all over flickr... so i can hardly wait any longer!!!! thankfully, these pictures are helping me get through this awkward time in between winter and spring... so, here are some of my spring time flickr favorites. enjoy!

{tulips. by kristine may}
these colors & the light are so beautiful.

& here are the rest of my recent flickr faves!!
{c l i c k h e r e}
to go to them individually and to see who is behind each image!

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