Thursday, June 6, 2013

in the mountains on memorial day...

I have been a little bit behind on processing & sharing some of my photos lately... These are from a little trip to the mountains that I took with my mom, sister & uncle on Memorial Day! It was a perfect day for a getaway to the mountains. I absolutely love that cool & fresh mountain air... so so good!! Every time I go to the mountains I daydream about living a simple life in a little cabin surrounded by a big green field with horses grazing & huge trees everywhere! 
We found a little picnic table to stop and eat lunch. And a cute little chipmunk stopped by!

Huge pine trees! How I love that smell...
After lunch, we hiked around the creek and climbed some huge rocks... the perfect way to get exercise!
And finally, we made our way to the little lake. 
There were so many people there, but we did walk around it for a bit.
I am so thankful for the photos and memories from this beautiful day! 


  1. Sarah! What a blessed and beautiful weekend you had! Beautiful photography, girl!

    It makes me really want to get out this Florida heat and rain and get into the mountains again!

  2. what a lovely weekend. reminds me of home.

  3. Perfect getaway! Those horses are beautiful!

  4. It looks so idyllic and I bet it smelled amazing. I had to try and stop myself from breathing inwards to capture the smell of those pine trees :) It is a beautiful smell isn't it x x x x