Thursday, April 4, 2013

pure heart & renewed spirit

Psalm 51:10 is my first memory verse for April. 
It is a classic verse, that has always been a favorite. 
In fact, the whole chapter is one of my favorite Psalms. 

Of course, over Easter I was thinking a lot about what Christ did on the cross... 
He died so that we could have pure hearts before God. 
If He had not died, that would not have been possible.
That is the most amazing thing in the whole world!! 

I recently heard a quote, from my current Bible study...
"We don't have to come to God in a state of perfection, but we do have to come honest."

When we hide our messes from others & even ourselves, God still knows knows them!!
But God is there to forgive us. That is the very reason why Christ died.
If we don't humble ourselves & come before Him, asking for forgiveness, it would be as if the cross meant nothing.

So, this verse is my prayer for myself & for this whole world...
 That we might realize that we need renewal. We need pure hearts.

This is spring, the time where nature itself shows us the beauty of renewed life!!
There is a great lesson to be learned from the freshly bloomed flowers of springtime...
There is new life.  There is forgiveness.  There is hope. 
We will find renewal in Christ, every single time we come before Him and simply ask for it!

"White As Snow" by Jon Foreman is an amazingly beautiful song of Psalm 51.
If you have never heard it before, you can listen below...

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  1. Sarah, this post was beautiful.
    The words are beautiful and so is the picture.

    Yesterday I learned lessons from the spring tulips on my table. You are right, flowers and spring are a good reminder and we can learn lessons through them.

    That song by Jon Foreman is great. His music blesses me often.