Monday, December 17, 2012

the message of christmas

I was, of course, filled with sadness & fear after hearing about the tragedy in Newtown. It is impossible to make sense
of the evil that people can sometimes be capable of. And it is so hard to know what to think or say.
One of the first things I thought was how devastating it was that all of this happen right before Christmas.
I know that is a bit superficial, because it's not like it would be easier any other time... But Christmas is such
a special time for little kids & families. And to know that Christmas time would now be filled with such
 sadness & memories of loss for these families broke my heart.

But after going to church on Sunday, I was reminded that it was for this very reason that Jesus came to
this broken world in the first place.

Many of us celebrate the birth of Jesus at Christmas. We can picture the manger scene... we can hear the story...
and it is all a beautiful thing, BUT the message of Christmas is so much more than that!!!
Jesus came to this world in a humble way, but it was only the beginning of a divine plan.
Jesus was God's way of reaching out to us, in our brokenness. Jesus was God's plan to save us from our sins.
Jesus is God's gift to us! Jesus is the light in the darkness! Jesus came to bring hope!
Because of Jesus, there is always hope!!   We must turn to Him & pray.

That is the true message of Christmas & that is the message we all need to hear, even more now than ever before!! Let's all pray for the families of the victims & the whole Newtown community. That they may see God's light shine upon them, even in the middle of all of the darkness they are facing.


  1. Yes. I think about how scary and horrible it is and as the details unravel it paints a negative picture in my head but knowing that I have Christ comforts me and I hope and pray others will too. Newton has been in my prayers and this unfortunate and heartbreaking event points me closer to Christ and why I need him in my life.

  2. Such a beautiful reminder....and so, so true. Praying for everyone in the Newtown community....that they may know Him and His peace and comfort!

  3. Beautiful, Sarah. I have been so sad for those families. It's true, though, this world is broken, and filled with darkness, and He is the Light. Praying for Newtown.