Tuesday, November 13, 2012

snapshots from lately

Last weekend was Ren's 2nd birthday party & it was so fun to watch her open all of her gifts!
I gave her a hat that I made & I was so happy when my cousin told me that she loves it!
That girl is too cute, even if the picture is blurry... always on the go!! :)
My church is doing Operation Christmas Child again this year! It is one of my favorite ministries!
And I gave my hair a little bit of a red tint a few days ago... it doesn't look much different but I still like it!
I have had lots of apple cider lately. Yumm!
And chocolate & caramel for a new recipe that I will share soon!
I made apple crisp last week... I used this recipe for the topping & it was great!
And I organized some of my yarn, now it looks so much prettier! :)

1 comment:

  1. Such blessings fill your life! God is so good to His children! :)

    I've been downing apple cider too..it's just so yummy!