Tuesday, August 17, 2010

boys of summer {over the weekend}

on sunday, i went to a rockies baseball game! yay!!
i am just a little bit in love with rockies baseball... :)
the game was amazing!! it got a little scary for us in the 9th inning... but it all turned out great & ROCKIES WON!! here is hoping for a rally to the post season for my favorite boys of summer!!! :) tonight they take on the dodgers.... GO ROCKIES!!!! haha!

anyway, it was the rockies annual faith day, so after the game some of the players shared about their faith & there was a concert by jeremy camp. it was a really fun day & of course i took a lot of photos... :)
does anyone else love baseball, too? what is your favorite team?

^ my mom, brother, sister, & i at the game!! :)

^ Ubaldo Jimenz was the starting pitcher at our game.
he was also the starting pitcher at this year's all-star game.
& he pitched the first ever rockies no-hitter this season. he is amazing!

^ Tulowitzki at bat!!! TU-LO!!! :)

^ Spilly on 3rd base!!

^ CarGo, in the outfield!!

^Tulo & Stewart talking...

^ Todd Helton, making his only at bat appearance during our game!

^ Dexter Fowler made an amazing catch that kept the Brewers from getting a big home run & probably winning the game... yay Dex!!!

The WIN!!!! i love them!!! :)

^ the Jeremy Camp concert after the game!

^ Helton (with his cute little girl) & Tulo watching the concert from the dugout!

What a fun weekend! :)
I will be getting my film back from our day at water world, on Friday!
can't wait to see it turned out!

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun! I haven't been to a ball game in forever!